CBT Saty Elzhas

Location and atmosphere
Guest house is located in the village of Saty and provides accommodations for tourists. There is free parking for cars. The house is cleanly comfortable, at home.
There are two houses to stay. The first house has 3 rooms for 12 people. In the second house there are 3 rooms for 10 people. There are rooms for couples. Household appliances: TV, microwave, refrigerator. Taxis for mountains and lakes are available on request. The price includes two meals a day. The food is traditional, the priority is Kazakh national cuisine.
Surroundings and activities
From Saty village, the distance to the first Kolsai lake is 14-16 km. You can reach on foot, by car, and also by horse, using the services of a guide-guide. Kolsai Lakes is a system of three picturesque lakes located in the Kolsai Gorge, a bridge connecting the Kungei-Alatau and Zailiysky Alatau ridges, known for their changing water color from dark blue to emerald green. Kaindy Lake is located east of the Kola Lake, 11 kilometers from the village of Saty in one of the Kungei Alatau gorges. The main attraction of the lake are fir trees growing right out of the water, making the lake popular with diving enthusiasts.



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    Horse riding
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    Guided excursions in the surroundings

Facilities and activities in the surroundings (< 15 km)

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    Guided nature tours
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    Horse riding
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    Detailed information about the surroundings

Landscape characteristics

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    Hilly scenery
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    Puddle, fen, lake

Route description

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